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Co-Founder Resilient Resident | Chairwoman Digital Justice Initiative | MSc in Digital Innovation | Philosophy Grad | Democratize Tech!

Being a small business owner or early-stage startup founder can become overwhelming, but business intelligence can help to make an impact. You just need to learn some of the tools, not the whole game.

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So, how can you grow your small business?

No-code services can limit the impact of fake news and political campaigns against experts. It’s about time the world notices.

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No-code solutions are on the rise and they will democratize and digitize how you’ll work. Because it’s time to un-code your company.

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The End of Coding As We Know It?

The Impact of Technology

We could save hundreds of thousands of lives if we would talk about technology in our families. How? And even more important: why nobody cares?

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In the last months of my grandfather’s life, he took more than 29 pills daily. Tinnitus. Rheumatism. Severe depression. Diabetes. And the worst: Alzheimer's.

Where does torture begin? How much is still there of a human being when he just sits and stares and keeps silent?

However, this story is not about Alzheimer’s. This story is about you in 20, 30, maybe 40 years.

Business & Diversity

Your Ideas Are Worth Nothing If Your Team Isn’t Everything.

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Innovation and inclusion are deeply connected. It’s time to teach businesses how to embrace the obvious.

This takes more than out-of-the-box thinking because it’s not just one box. It’s a hundred different boxes. A million different boxes. It takes every dimension of our diversity. …

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Your Entrepreneurial Journey

You can use powerful entrepreneurial research not only for a business but for your personal growth.

The Lean Startup Method gained strong momentum in the last decade. It’s a method to avoid risky, time-consuming business decisions and endless isolated product development cycles.

You can…

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The most used language of value is finance. Innovative social enterprises need the know-how to attract investors and grants.

I’m standing in front of a jury in one of the highest towers in Shanghai. The critical audience consists of Ernst & Young senior consultants constantly searching for flaws and critical points on my business presentation. They’re not even blinking with one eye. I’m sweating big time.

The Selection Committee of The Fundamental Physics Breakthrough Prize. They included one woman after some critics.

Welcome to the world of ridiculous conferences, committees, and corporate events.

Every day I stumble upon beautiful blogs, great articles, and inspiring authors. Nevertheless, I see one common mistake and as a professional, it’s making me sick.

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I asked more than 100 digital nomads about their most loved luxurious gadgets. Here are all the special items jammed together to level up the travel essentials for the entrepreneur on the go.

Katharina Beitz

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