How to Develop Digital Products without Coding?

No-code solutions are on the rise and they will democratize and digitize how you’ll work. Because it’s time to un-code your company.

Katharina Beitz


Photo by Max Duzij on Unsplash

Is there a greater paradigm than the need for tech-savvy people and coding to develop and disrupt traditional industries? One of the most common features to digitize planet earth lead us to ridiculously high demand for software development in every company.

That changed rapidly during the last years and people start to recognize.

Besides the most complex task right now, e.g. the evolution of Quantum Computing and progressive artificial intelligence solutions, there is a complete shift for founders and CEOs who relied heavily on software developers.

It’s time to update the paradigm around coding.

The End of Coding As We Know It?

Not long ago, we emphasized the relevance of coding, implemented hacking schools, attended courses, and registered apps for pupils, employees, and career-changers.

But let’s face it, in times of digitization, not all software developments are here to survive. Some of them could be replaced with visually appealing interfaces, which do the same job, but easier, more cost-effective, and less faulty.

This is great news.

For the overwhelmed and overworked software developer whose to-do-list in your company is flooded, for the marketing employee who waits in line to get five minutes with the development team during a meeting and for the solo-founder, who needs to channel all his resources everywhere.

How to Learn About No-Code?

Another great resource I found during my research on the no-code movement is the conference happening this week, presented by one of the leading platforms and filled with all the thought leaders of the growing industry of no-code professionals, like John Rymer, John Bratincevic or Mike Williams.

(If you’re able to attend, let me know about your learnings afterward.)



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