The №1 Thing Why You Fail As A Writer.

Every day I stumble upon beautiful blogs, great articles, and inspiring authors. Nevertheless, I see one common mistake and as a professional, it’s making me sick.

Katharina Beitz


Photo by Joanjo Pavon.

Let’s take an example.

As an aspiring digital nomad, you maybe ask yourself how you could earn money online. Or as an employee who is ready to jump out of the office window, you’re trying to find ways to earn money and live in Bali.

You start to google “earn money online”. You see all the results.

Screenshot of my Google Search.

“3 ways to earn money as a digital nomad.”

“50 websites that pay…”


Every reader can look up at least 100 things to earn money from.

In fact, when I google: “How to earn money online?” Google’s first result is a lightbox article with 65 ways to earn money online. 65! Not 3.

As a reader, I get valuable information and approximately 595.000.000 results, video tutorials, beginner podcasts and thousands of articles.

So, the elephant is in the room; why do we, as professional authors or content creators with our blogs, write this? Again and again?

Why do we even bother spending our time on the next listicle? Our precious two-hour writing slot is filled with ideas and concepts on the next “How-to…”. Instead of asking an exciting “Why”.

Don’t get me wrong: If you get familiar with newspapers, online blogs, and magazines in which you want to get published, you need a broad portfolio.

Many of them avoid authors who contributed just oversimplified, generic SEO-rich articles. Some of them want that.

You try everything. You just started. Gotcha.

But there is another thing happening.

Every time you write something like that you miss out a chance to get an interested reader excited about your…



Katharina Beitz

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